Classic Reviews

"PROMPT, EFFICIENT AND KNNOWLEDGE OF VEHICLE PROBLEMS." Another successfull vehicle repair at John's Auto. Problem was diagonosed and work finished. I would recommend John's to anyone who has a mechanical issue. Fair and courteous.

"Good service" They are very friendly and courteous.

"Always friendly and prompt handling any issues." Nice to have mechanics you can trust!

Woody S.
Woody said this business did a good job.

Olive C.
Olive said her daughter referred this business to her. They do a good job.

Nicholos D.
Nicholos said he has never had any problems. They have a whole lot more experience than other business'. His prices are reasonable and he is much more understanding with his customers and with their budgets than others.

Rosalie G.
Rosalie said the business goes out their way to get her in. Then they are quick with her service. She trusts John and what he does.

Michael L
Michael said the business was local and had good service.

Joyce H.
Spoke with Eric. He said this business does good work. He stated John will come out front and explain what needs to be done and why.

Casey G
Casey said this business does a good job. The service is friendly and fast. They are very professional.

"Location and accessability." John's Auto Repair is the place to have your auto mechanical issues fixed, I have been there twice in the last month and he has pinpointed the mechanical problems and fixed both of them. We take for granted a good mechanic who is fair, competent and most of all he is honest. Donald DeDiemar Bennett, Colorado.

"Your work is great" you guys are the best. Happy Holidays

"KNOWLEDGE AND A WILLING TO ATTACK THE PROBLEM" Thank your finding the problem with my Chev, a job very well done and I appreciate it. Donald and Linda 

David W
Spoke with Louise. She said the customer service was friendly.

"John's is like dealing with family. The good side of the family." It is always a good experience because John and his whole crew are trustworthy. I feel safe in referring anyone there except some of the real grumps I know.

Ryan G
Ryan said this business provides the best service.

Russ J
Russ said this business was doing exactly what he requested of them.

Terry W.
Terry said this business was good.

Arthur R.
Arthur said the service at the business was fine but they did not reset his service reminder indicator in his vehicle.

"Satisfied again " As our go to auto technician, we were very happy once again with the quality and promptness of our service. Great to have a good hometown business we can always rely on.

Jeff G.
Jeff said this business is honest, he has used them before and has had no problems with them.

"Great Shop" They are professional and do great work at a very reasonable price.

"Hub Assembly" I'm so glad I found you guys!!! You have been absolute wonders for me!! "Jim Bob" is finally starting to run like he's supposed to...

Merle A.
Spoke with John. He said this business has always done well and has been fair with him. He has no complaints.

Curtis L.
Curtis said he is satisfied with this business.

Jim P.
Spoke with Lisa. She said this business is very polite, kind with their service and they are on time.

Tina S.
Spoke with Ricky. She said this business is local and easy.

Robert M
Robert said this business is always very friendly and treats him very well. He trust that they are doing what he asks.

"99 ford pickup" Truck hasent driven this good in years

"Quick and Efficient Service" I was very pleased with the fast and efficient service provided to me for doing an oil change. I brought the car in and it was ready in about 20 minutes.

Rosalie G
Rosalie said this business provided good service. They got her in quickly. They found the nail in her tire.

"Family atmosphere " We been going to John's for the past 20 years. They will set up appointment or if need and you show up they will work you in, as quick as possible. Warm friendly environment.

"Happy custimer" John found two unrelated issues while servicing my pickup. Either could have resulted in costly breakdown and repairs had they not been found and taken care of. His attention definitely saved me time and serious dollars down the road. Bill G.

"exhaust repair" Tom and I had just put the new muffler on in November of 2014. It wasn't even a year old yet!! We have done so many of our own repairs on this was nice to have someone else do it. I was very impressed, it took less than an hour for the repairs to be done!! Thank you so much for working with us. That means a lot.

Venida D.
Venida said this business provides good service.

John F
John said the staff is friendly and they do the job as they promise.

Dorothy D.
Dorothy said this business has always treated her with kind, friendly, and wonderful costumer service. This business has good Christian people and she really appreciates that.

"Local, friendly, and top rate service" I wouldn't think of taking my vehicles anywhere other than John's Repair. He goes above and beyond on each oil change to ensure my vehicles are in top shape. The team at John's is friendly and top rate service each time. I wouldn't think of ever taking my vehicles any where else.

Dustin C. 
Dustin said the employee he mainly dealt with did an excellent job. He knows what he is doing and he never has to go back.

Rocky G.
Rocky said the work this business did was done well and on time. He was able to get a really good deal.

Mike K.
Mike said the business provided good service.

Randilinn M.
Randilinn said she had a good experience with this business. They took her in quickly and were very kind.

"Very satisfied " Prompt and friendly service, and affordable.

Paula M.
Paula said the business was very friendly and very through. They did a good job.

"Repair timing" Thank you for the repair that ABBRA did not perform. Made it to college on time.

"1999 Dodge pickup" good service

Dan F.
Dan said the business was great and they were super nice. He asked to watch the service and the employees let him do so. They explained everything they were doing and he was more than pleased.

Rich R.
Rich said the business fixed his problem. They treated him well and everything was good.

Don W. 
Don said the employees at this business treated him right and they did a great job on his vehicle.

"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!! " Fixed a issue I didn't know I even had at no charge, and was only in this trip for a oil change. Will definitely be back!!

Richard D.
"Great garage to take your car, SUV, truck and maybe your motorcycle. I'm not sure about the motorcycle but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. I really trust these folks." Good service that is reasonably priced and honestly performed.

"Good people who are honest and experts. " Thanks for saving my old beater, '94 Jimmy. My daughter needs it to get to work. Without the Jimmy we have to take her and pick her up. Blessings to John's Repair. 😊 I recommend them to everyone.

Jimmy S.
Jimmy said this business did a good job. It was fast, clean and they have good prices.

Amber S.
Amber said the business is quick, efficient and affordable.

Justin W.
Justin said this business provided great customer service and enjoyed them. They found the problem and fixed it.

Glenn S
Glenn said the business did what they said they would do and he has recommended the business several times to others for service.

"Great first time visit " I walked in made an appointment, staff was very friendly. Dropped my car off for an oil change short time later it was taken care of. I'm very pleased.

"Friendly and Honest Personalty" I am sorry that I have just recently started using John's. For many years I have been doing my own auto work but last few years getting too old. I have found an honest mechanic and intend to stay with them.

"great job" You did a great job as always. Thanks

Harold H.
Harold said this business has great service.

Amy K.
Amy said this business provided excellent service.

Jerry B
Spoke with Summer. She said she has been to this business before and she is happy with the service.

"Hometown help" We were referred to John's 8 years ago when we first moved out here. Won't take any of our cars anywhere else. Everyone at John's makes it hard not to support local businesses. Honest, fair prices and quality work.

"Friendly, family owned and run business" I like to take my business and vehicles to John's repair for the consistent good work and experience I get. There is no problem with trust here. And a lot of years of mechanic experience is hard to find these days. After all of my vehicles come out of warranty, I skip the dealer and go to John's.

Corrin S.
Corrin said this business was on top of everything and they did a really good job providing service for her vehicle.

Mike S.
Mike said he brought his vehicle to this business on Sunday when they were closed. He left a note in the drop box about what needed to be done and left it there. He went to check on it the next morning and they were halfway done with the job. He went and picked it up the next day. They did great work.

Jim P.
Spoke with Lisa. She said this business did a good job. They were on time and have reasonable prices.

Bill G.
Bill said this business was great and straightforward. They found out what the problem was, but decided not to go forward with the repairs. The facility is clean, the staff is super friendly and they were super outstanding.

"Great service" The service was performed in a very prompt fashion at a reasonable price.

Great service, We recommend often.

Charlene H.
Charlene said the business provided the service she asked of them.

Venida D.
Venida said they did a good job.

Kevin H
Kevin said he has been using this business for years and he has never had a problem with them.

Mel H.
Mel said he has known John for a while and he really likes this business.

Josh O.
Josh said this business did a very good job and John has done well.

Carolyn E.
Carolyn said everyone at this business was nice.

Bill B
Bill said the business provided good service.

Peg M
Peg said this business does excellent work. She is very satisfied with them and she likes them.

Jordan P.
Jordan said this business got his vehicle right in, and got it done quickly.

"New shoes for my gal." Bought a new set of tires - highly satisfied with them.

James H.
James said when he walked in, no one seemed to be really busy and he did not get any communication from John, the owner.

"Great friendly with integrity." Always get the job done quick & leave my car clean. Ha....took PT cruiser in cuz of squeek...after $1400 repairs...welp 😢 the EVIL front wheel area SQUEEK is still lurking haunting me👎 HELP MEEEE "o"

"Excellent service and fair pricing" The service you provide is excellent. I can count on you to be honest in what repairs are needed and your pricing is on par with the market. Thanks for being there when needed.... Matt

Woody S.
Spoke with John. He said the business is good.

Mike K
Mike said the business provides the best service.

"Nice friendly personal?" I would use them again. They were so polite when I had to reschedule twice. Great Job and fast.

"great service" I always feel comfortable leaving my cars with John's Repair because he is fair and thorough. I trust him and his crew to always give the best advice and options, if any. When I moved out to Deer Trail I was leaving behind a repair service I trusted. On the advice of a friend I tried Johns and found the same quality of service I had before. I always recommend his business.

"Good place to take your vehicle." They do a great job - although at times things seem to be a bit dis-organized.

"great" It took longer than I thought but I would rather it was done right than fast. Thanks.

Branden L.
Braden said that this business' service is pretty good.

Don W.
Don said every time he goes to the business, they are top notch and affordable.

Kristi C.
Kristi said this business knows what they are doing.

"car maintence" It was a very pleasant experience. They went overboard to service my car 

Ryan B.
Spoke with Mary. She said she always goes to this business and is always well satisfied. They have fair prices.

Richard D.
Richard said this business provides good service and he likes them. He appreciates them and trusts them. He likes that they communicate in detail when they inform him about his vehicle.

"family oriented" I love walking into John's Repair! It's like family and they take care of you like family.

Tracy H.
Tracy said she was happy with what this business did.

Doyle D
Doyle said this business always treats him right and they provide fine service.

John H
Spoke with Nate. He said he is very happy with the business and he likes the employees. The cost was less than what they quoted and they finished quickly.

"It's a family affair" John's has a friendly attitude with nice people who are concerned about your vehicle.

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